Bryan Wark

Hello, my name is Bryan Wark, and first and foremost thank you for taking the time to check out my work! I am an USMC veteran and Photographer from Upstate New York. Known for my Big colorful shirts and darker toned style of portraiture, I have spent roughly 7 years now learning my craft and developing my style. Documenting people is truly my passion, and if you want to learn more about the ins and outs about my photography you can Check out my F.A.Q. page. 

Outside of photography I have several hobbies that I use to pass my time. I would say My favorite is watching movies. I know, I know “how is watching movies a hobby?” well I collect movies I have watched like others collect baseball cards. There is even a running joke among my photography friends that I wont get off the couch for less than 100 dollars because I spend so much time there watching them.

Another Hobby of mine is Geocaching. A polar opposite activity of watching TV I know. However Geocaching is truly a fantastic way to scout locations when your out of town, or on a long drive and want to stretch your legs a little bit with a short walk. It’s also an amazing way to get some exercise and spend time with the family. If you haven’t heard of Geocaching I highly recommend checking it out there website. You can always check out my geocaching profile I go by the handle Cl0ckT0w3r.

My last Hobby is Lego building. I Love it!!! Currently I am working on a lego structure that is an entire apartment building scaled to minifigure size where each apartment is a reference to something pop culture including an entire floor dedicated to memes. IT IS GLORIOUS!!!

So That is a little about myself. Feel free to contact me with any questions I am always interested in meeting new people.