Where did the name “Silent Portraits” come from?

So many moons ago I truly grew tired of using First name last name photography. I also wanted to concentrate on portraiture that could speak for itself, So after a thousand variants of “a picture is worth a thousand words” it eventually just popped in my head.

Who is Camera Head?

Long story short, Camera Head is the mascot of Silent portraits. He is essentially a comic book version of myself (Bryan Wark) who gets into overly exaggerated adventures within the world of photography. Although there are parallels to be drawn for the most part he is just a fun contribution to Silent portraits, that helps bring everything to life and share fun stories.

What Kind of equipment do you use?

So because I learned on Nikon, I shoot on Nikon line products primarily, however I am a strong believer that the end result is mostly what matters so I use whatever I have available to create things I am proud to put my name on

Do you do all your own Post process work?

I do a lot of post process work myself, however I also have a very amazing retoucher who helps me out when I need it. She matches my style flawlessly. Her name is Olena and here is her instagram WWW.Instagram.COM/olena_retouch

Do you really always wear Hawaiian shirts?

Actually for the most part yea. Even when lounging around the house with few exceptions I throw them on. When I am attending formal events such as weddings I will wear Hawaiian themed socks and a hawaiian themed Tie. I will say though all my shirts are hawaiian style cuts and fabrics but some them are just colorful pop culture references rather than traditional Hawaiian prints.

What is a photoshoot like with you?

Very Talkative lol. Unlike the name suggests I am an extremely talkative person and I like to get to know everyone I photograph so I ask a million questions share a million stories and love when I get people in front of my camera who love to share their stories. I spend about 30 minutes photographing for every hour we will spend just enjoying the conversation.